Monday, August 2, 2010

It Glows in the Dark Etch-A-Sketch 50th Anniversary!

Founded in 1960, the Etch-A-Sketch is just as popular now as it was half a century ago, and the Ohio Art Company has sold more than 150 million units to date.

To Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Etch-A-Sketch they are introducing a New Glow in the Dark Version! Fun!

I loved playing with my etch-a-sketch as a kid, many fun hours of playtime and imagination. But oddly enough I haven't purchased one for my kids (I know, such a bad mom right?!). So when I was sent an etch-a-sketch to post about the 50th anniversary I got to introduce this iconic toy to my children. They loved it! They like me as a child, have spent many hours drawing on it. The older kids are better of course but even the little ones enjoy it. They can't wait to see the new Glow in the Dark etch-a-sketch!

*I was sent an etch-a-sketch from their PR representatives to post about the 50th anniversary and get to keep it. All opinions are my own and might differ from your own experiences.


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