Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fresh Fruit Gift Baskets make Wonderful Gifts

Did you know ProFlowers has so much more than flowers? They also have such delicous Fresh Fruit Baskets!

I was sent the Tropical Organic Sampler. When it arrived this is what I found in the box (packaged very well to keep all the fruit safe):

1 Certified Organic Pineapple
2 Certified Organic Kiwi
2 Certified Organic Avocados
3-4 Certified Organic Bananas
2 Certified Organic Mangos

It was all so delicous! We are total fruit junkies at our house so you better believe it was all gone in a day. And I love knowing it is all certified organic fruit.

I love that they offer healthy gift baskets, what a great gift to give, something that is sweet but not junk food.

*I was sent this Fruit Basket from ProFlower to review and get to keep it (obviously since we ate it!). All opinions are my own and might differ from your own experiences.


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